Dr. Aziz Al Namani MD, PhD.

Dr. Aziz Al-Namani had his MD degree from the Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman in 1997 and completed undergraduate training in different medical specialties including general Medicine, Pediatric, gynecology, and Surgery. In 1998, he joined the Department of Behavioral Medicine at the Sultan Qaboos University as a Senior House Officer. In 2000 he went to the UK for postgraduate training in psychiatry at Lewisham University Hospital, South London and Maudsley NHS trust. However, Dr. Al Namani decided to cut short his training because of his disappointment with the current Psychiatry training and practice, that based solely on Psychotropic drugs prescribing.

In 2002, Dr. Al-Namani decided to train and specify himself into natural therapies, and since then he had several clinical training in various mode of therapies that include Psychotherapy, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, past life regression therapy, Brain Stimulation, Walsh Protocols, and colon hydrotherapy. He has also studied sports nutrition and sports psychology, and he was the team doctor for the Oman National Volley-Ball team.

Dr. Aziz Nasser Al-Namani did not stop his research and study here; He has also acquired a doctorate training in the new cutting-edge field of neuropsychiatry rehabilitation at the University of Auckland, New-Zealand. He has research interests that focus on the biopsychosocial model, which in practical term, is relevant for both treatment and prevention of obvious organic illness to psychosomatic illness.  Dr. Al-Naamani has numerous publications covering all fields of behavioral sciences, social sciences to mind-body dualism. Dr. Al Namani is also serving as a consultant to many private and governmental organizations on the matter related to psychological assessments and occupational stress, and he is an active member of several international learned society and advocate groups. 

Dedicated to help and educate new generation doctors, Dr. Al-Namani was coordinating and teaching medicine at the Sultan Qaboos University. In addition to his academic and clinical responsibilities, Dr Al Namani was chosen by the vice chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University, Dr Ali Al Bimani, to lead several administrative tasks including deputy Chairman of SQU students Medical Committee, Chairman of SQU Crisis Intervention team, and lastly, Taskforce chairman for starting a Post-secondary education for students with learning disabilities at the SQU

In 2017, Dr. Al Namani resigned from the Sultan Qaboos University and dedicated his time to promote and improve the practice of natural therapies in Oman.


In addition to the staff mentioned earlier, The Psychology clinic has several other part-time faculty who are attending the clinic from various governmental and private institutions such as Sultan Qaboos University, and Al Masara Hospital.

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